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Fire Exit SG110 Arrow Up - Suspending - 20340

Original price €17.65 - Original price €63.00
Original price
€17.65 - €63.00
Current price €17.65

This Safe Condition safety sign is used to protect and inform the public. Safe condition signs are used to create awareness of emergency locations, rescue equipment, safety facilities and exits.

Please select the correct sign size and sign material type for the viewing distance required and the conditions of where the sign is posted. For more information, please refer to our guide.

This sign contains Safe Condition Symbols and/or white text on green background.

This sign is part of Sign Group 110 (SG110). All signs in this group share similar design proportions and characteristics.

Designed to meet the latest Safety Sign Design Standards, this sign is durable, Safe and Visible with compliant text and symbols.

Sign Size: 200mm x 400mm
Size: Single Sided Foamex (Foamed PVC) with 2 Holes