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Elevated Temperature Substance - 30116

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€4.40 - €11.65
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This Elevated Temperature Substance label is used to warn of potentially hazardous materials in transit. Many materials, such as asphalt, molten glass and molten aluminium are transported in a molten state to improve the ease of handling, loading, unloading and to eliminate the expense and need for additional facilities at the customer's premises to re-melt the material. Many other solids and viscous liquids are also heated for the same reason and are transported at elevated temperatures.

Please select a sign size which complies with the minimum sign dimensions required for the intended application.

Shows the Thermometer symbol.

Colours: red symbol inside a red equilateral triangle on white background.

Durable, Safe and Visible with compliant text and symbols.

Complies with ADR, RID, IATA, ICAO and IMDG requirements.

Sign Size: 300mm x 250mm
Sign Material: Self Adhesive Vinyl